eeproperty is a start-up from HEIG-VD, the University of Engineering and Management of the canton of Vaud. Its aim is to design, produce and market any product or service related to logistics and building organization.

The story of eeproperty begins in 2014 with the desire to use the latest available technology to solve today’s problems related to the sharing of goods and services within rental, professional and hotel buildings. The project materializes with the Bachelor’s work of Christophe Haldi, Embedded Electronics Engineer and current CEO of the company. The meeting with different market players allowed to identify different problems related to the management of buildings and their common spaces.

The most recurring problem identified was that of laundry room management. The primary objective of eeproperty is to make the use and management of laundry rooms in buildings as simple and user-friendly as possible, while at the same time offering the advantages of the latest technology. The first automated laundry payment and management system Vesta was developed to meet this demand. It is the most advanced laundry management solution on the market today. Vesta was awarded the HEIG-VD start-up stock exchange and the GENILEM award. These awards have enabled the company to develop by benefiting from the advice of experts in the economic, industrial and technical fields and to benefit from the infrastructure offered by the HEIG-VD.

The company was entered in the commercial register on 22 July 2015.

Today, eeproperty installs Vesta intelligent payment and management systems in communal laundries and develops new products to make buildings safer, more comfortable, more energy-efficient and easier to manage.