The Installers

The Installers


Image of modernity

By offering Vesta to its customers, installers benefit from an image of modernity and adaptation to the market.

A 7/7 support

eeproperty SA provides a permanent after-sales service and technical support to guarantee the complete satisfaction of your customers.

Quick and easy installation

The system is designed to be installed simply and quickly. Once installed, Vesta is automatically configured.

Increased visibility

Installers’ visibility can also be increased with Vesta! Indeed, their logo or promotional offers can be displayed on the machine selection screen if they wish.

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The ManagerCentralized management of all your laundry facilities.
The TenantsNo more cards or badges to reload from the caretaker.
The InstallersAn innovative and efficient product to widen the range of products to be installed.
The CaretakerNo more cash to manage on behalf of the real estate management.