Equip your building, simplify your life.

Optimize the management and use of shared spaces in your buildings.


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Equip your building, simplify your life.

Make the most of the shared spaces in your buildings.

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Automate the management and payments of your common areas

Managers or owners, improve the comfort and profitability of your buildings, while reducing management efforts. Using a connected box and a platform accessible from the internet, our system allows your tenants to use the services of the common areas by themselves. As for the activity data, you can follow the transactions and usage in real time.

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Des solutions pour chaque espace commun


Solutions that adapt to all your shared spaces

Our platform connects to all your facilities. Whether it’s a laundry room, a charging station for electric vehicles, or any other type of service for that matter. Not only does this ensure the automated management of access, usage and payments, but also the accurate visualisation of real-time activity data. In addition, you benefit from our optimisation recommendations specific to your services. In short, we take care of the management, you benefit from maximum efficiency.

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In a way that makes your tenants entirely responsible for themselves, from registration to payment, as well as for use.


You will receive accurate information on your installations and their use, together with suggestions for optimisation.


With a single platform, you can manage all your existing and future common areas and shared infrastructures.

Solutions for your laundry rooms


We want to help you build the building of tomorrow…

eeproperty develops management and payment solutions for the property sector. We believe that technology should simplify everyone’s life and thus make everyone’s daily life easier. Our solutions improve the management and use of shared spaces. In this way, we want to help people live better together, among other things by bringing them a little more peace of mind and comfort. Thanks to our technology, our customers house their tenants in the buildings of tomorrow.

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