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The digital laundry payment and management system Vesta® is the number 1 solution for efficient and automated management of payments and usage of all your laundry facilities. The removal of cards, keys and other add-ons allows tenants to become autonomous and thus avoids the need for the caretaker to manage money flows while providing full traceability of laundry receipts. Innovative, user-friendly and easy to use, Vesta® is the first solution on the market for secure cash collections, with no hidden costs.

How does it work?

A simple press is enough for the tenant to use the machines

Once installed in laundries, the solution Vesta® is as easy to use as an ATM. All the tenant has to do is select the machine he wants to use on the screen and identify himself with his four-digit personal code.
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Everyone can manage their own personal account

To top up their personal account, tenants have a web platform that allows them to choose from our secure online payment solutions or to pay by payment slip. A summary of usage, machine availability and the laundry room schedule can also be consulted.

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Laundry management is possible in real time from any device

At any time and from any device connected to the Internet, it is possible to consult the use of the machines and the payments made by the tenants. Laundry accounting and payment of receipts are automated, with significant savings in management costs!


The data is hosted in Switzerland in a secure cloud

Data confidentiality is taken very seriously. The software and hardware design as well as the hosting of all data is entirely carried out in Switzerland.


A service that’s good for everyone

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The ManagerCentralized management of all your laundry facilities.
The TenantsNo more cards or badges to reload from the caretaker.
The InstallersAn innovative and efficient product to widen the range of products to be installed.
The CaretakerNo more cash to manage on behalf of the real estate management.

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